Friday, June 26, 2015

Catch up

I have to hang my head in shame... it's been far too long since my last post. Life has charged along apace this year and I confess that the inability to post to my blogs on my mobile has meant I have favored posting to my Facebook accounts instead, which is so easy and quick to do. Which I realise, quite avidly, is of no use to those of you without Fb accounts and prefer to visit here. For you I apologise and I will do my utmost to find the time to keep this blog up to date.

So a quick reprise.. basically it's all been about the exhibition this year with little time for anything else. Family, friends and life in general are for the most part on the peripheral of my tunnel visioned world at the mo. Hopefully I can get back to normal after September and catch up with everyone and get out and enjoy the weather and their company again. 
I still have the rented studio space, which is proving invaluable in the run up to the exhibition. I haven't done any workshops, demos, talks or other exhibitions this year as I have to be focused on the job in hand; so there's nothing really to report on this blog. However, I shall be doing an update on my exhibition blog very shortly, so do pop across and have a look there.

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