Thursday, January 05, 2012

Happy New Year!

Already the end of the first week of the New Year is almost upon us. There is a change to what has become normal for me over the last 8 years after Christmas and New Year. I have changed the time I have off from the zoo around. Instead of the three month period running Jan, Feb and March now it is split into two blocks- January and then September/October. This will hopefully benefit the zoo in that I shall be at work there in the run up to Easter and the Summer Season (the busiest time for me) and my time away will coincide more with the quieter times of my work calendar. From a personal view it should help me financially and the light in Sept and Oct will be better for painting. Also as I have been doing my artist in residency in Oct these last two years, it means I don’t need to use paid holiday from the zoo to do that. So, hopefully better all round.

At the moment I have my head stuck in a pile of receipts etc preparing my accounts, trying to get them done so I can get on with some painting. And just today a new superdooper light has arrived for me to clamp to my easel. I have invested in a new daylight tube lamp which a few of my friends use and have recommended to me. I am keen to try it out; it should help enormously at this time of year with bad light from gloomy weather and nights drawing in around 3.30-4pm.

Of course the cats are enjoying the fact that I am home; and right now I have one sat on my lap as I am sat here at the computer and the other has only just settled down to sleep after pestering me on and off all day to brush and play with him!