Saturday, July 20, 2013

Getting set for Summer School

I have been busy getting ready for the Gloucester Arts and Crafts Summer School week at Beaufort School in Tuffley, Gloucester. They take over the school after the last week of term and hold many varied 2,3 and 5 day workshops doing anything from chair making, life drawing, clay sculpture, beading, mosaics, painting, needlework and of course, batik.
Today I went to set up the classroom ready for the students and workshop to begin on Monday. For a few years we have had a smallish classroom (a sewing room) that had few workable windows and one small door to the outside. It had sun almost all day long coming through the windows (when it shone) making it a very hot little room... and with the waxpots, hairdryers and iron going too it was quite a struggle for many of my students to cope with the heat. Luckily the last two years we were loaned a portable air-con unit, which made a huge difference.

This year, as I have almost twice the number of students attending over the week (some are only doing two or three days) I have been given a bigger classroom... a cookery room. It is huge in comparison and has a great position in that it has a shaded aspect, lots of windows that open and a door. So hopefully we should fair better this year.

I'm looking forward to a busy but sure to be fun week.