Hello Reader,

Welcome to and thank you for visiting my "blog". I set this up as a kind of diary on my paintings and various events and projects which I may get involved with and not as a soapbox for me to voice my opinions.  I may post things such as step by step guides on a painting, progress on a painting or project, report on workshops and events I may do and experiences on field trips. I hope that no matter what brought you to this blog, you will enjoy reading my posts and viewing my work. Please feel free to message me in my Guestbook, if you would like more information, to ask questions or just comment  on any of my posts.


I like to use different mediums; and switching from one to another, I feel, refreshes me and my approach for each piece of work. I enjoy using oils, gouache, pastels, batik and occasionally graphite pencils.

My subject matter focuses mainly on Africa, as after several trips there I have much in my head I wish to put to canvas. However, this is not to say that I do not find plenty of inspiration here in the UK. Also, after travelling on a cruise liner to many parts of the world both as assistant to a friend who was tutoring in '02 &'03 and as the art tutor myself in '08 and '09- I have many ideas to paint from those memorable trips.

Over the years, as I have gained more experiences and insights from my travels and developed as an artist, I can now choose to paint only what I have seen for myself.

Until recently I worked full time at Bristol Zoo Gardens as their Wildlife Illustrator. I am still there, but now work part-time, so that I have more time to devote to channelling my time and efforts into producing work for galleries and exhibitions and should the opportunity arise..... to be able to do other things, such as tutor art on a ship.