Saturday, April 14, 2007

Last week at the zoo

Because of the Easter break, last week's working days amounted to just two. It's a tough life for some! And for the most part I was replacing ID signs again, so more printing, trimming, laminating and trimming. I also had some work to do on the computer - Photoshop'ing one of my reptile paintings.
When I had originally painted the Geoffroy's side-necked turtle, the style was such that I only needed a smidgeon of background to imply the animal was sitting on a rock. But the new style now requires a full background. So rather than painting it again or spending lots of time trying to match colours to add in an extended background I use the tools in Photoshop to create the extra background needed. I quite enjoy doing this.... it's a bit like playing!

I did actually start a drawing too. Another reptile - an Aruba Island rattlesnake. We haven't yet got this species in, so I am having to rely on photo's gleened from the web and books. I don't really like having to do this, without seeing the animal in real life, as photo's can be so misleading in many ways with things like colour, proportion or even whether its the correct species! So after having a quick chat, and review of the photo's I had accumalated, to one of the reptile keepers I have some idea of how I should proceed colouration wise and which photo's to regard as being dubious. From the remaining photo's I can build up my drawing, taking bits of information from different ones so that I am not doing a straight copy. Hopefully I shall get to finish it next week.

Special moments this week - seeing the two baby meerkats running around, bravely away from Mum or the baby-sitter. They are so tiny and move like little clockwork toys. They are drawing lots of attention from the public as they are so very cute. Hope to get some photo's soon.

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