Saturday, April 21, 2007

Batik workshops

During July and August I have two batik workshops to tutor. In both the idea will be to produce one or more batik images, working with the medium in a way most people haven’t done before; creating a more pictorial image. I find them great fun to do and get to meet some lovely people in this way. I do love to see what people create, especially if they at first struggled with the concept of creating a batik image (as some do) and then turn out something quite stunning.
The first is for the Gloucester Arts and Crafts Summer School and this will be the first time I do a workshop with them. I’m very excited about this workshop as it runs for 5 days, so plenty of time for the students and I to get stuck in and have some fun with the medium. It runs from 23–27 July and 7 of 12 student places have already been booked, which is very encouraging. If you wish to have more information about this workshop please send me a private message via my guestbook and I will send you contact details as soon as I can.
The second is a 2-day workshop on 18 & 19 August at the Nature In Art Museum and Art Gallery, which is also in Gloucester. I have done several workshops at this wonderful venue and look forward to returning there. If you wish to have more information about this workshop click on the Nature In Art link and then on the Art Courses button. I was originally booked in February, which they have left in the Jan- May listings, but my new dates are further down the page.

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