Saturday, September 08, 2012

September October plans

I have worked part-time at the zoo since 2004 and this is arranged into 3 days a week for 9 months of the year. Up until this year those three months at home were back to back from January to March. This year a different arrangement is being trialed whereby those three months are split in two, so now I have January, September and October off.
These months at home are for me to concentrate on my fine artwork business. This September and October are going to be busy as I have 1 one day workshop, 1 two day workshop, a six day artist in residency and I am exhibiting in an exhibition. On top of the preparations for all those, I have my accounts to finish, updating to be done on my blogs, a number of other bits and pieces as well as lots of painting towards my Botswana exhibition project.

So far I have finished the accounts and delivered the paperwork, visited a gallery-for-hire space to check it out for my Botswana exhibition project, met Joanna from Send A Cow Charity about a project they are doing and that I have been invited to be involved with, worked on a slideshow (Botswana images) to show during my artist in residence week, bought supplies for the first workshop, put together a 2013 calendar to be produced online, started on all my labels and signs for the residency as well as catching up on a load of gardening and paperwork sorting that were both long overdue and lots of other little jobs.

Now that my shoulder is improving I can get on with the work that has had to be put on hold for the last three months. This last week has been mainly spent in front of the computer but I am hoping that now I have the most urgent jobs done or started I can now get down to some painting... again it's been several months since I have been able to do such work because of my frozen shoulder problem. I am looking forward to sploshing some paint ... the elephants I started a while ago are sending out lots of rumbles; calling me to finish them.


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