Monday, September 10, 2012

Art in Penallt – The Nature of Things

Art exhibition Saturday 6th – Sunday 7th October 2012

Recently I was invited to exhibit work at an exhibition in Penallt,
Monmouthshire; I have not exhibited here before, but after looking at
their website I am very pleased to have been invited and I have
submitted three pieces of work to show there. This event is the
weekend just prior to my Artist in Residence week at Nature in Art so
apart from delivering my work on the Friday I sadly shall not see the
exhibition in its entirety as I shall be busy preparing for the week
ahead at Nature in Art.

The theme of the event is ‘art in nature and nature in art’ this year
and the exhibition is one of three events over the weekend. Please
click here to go to their website for more details.

On the home page if you click on 2012 in the ‘Pages’ box on the left
and then on ‘Artists’ you can see a list of the exhibitors (there are
over 30) and by clicking on each name you get to see an example of
their work with a short profile telling you about them.

This is one of the pieces I have submitted; this is of a bird from Australia called a little pied cormorant. I saw several of these birds in the Botanical Gardens in both Sydney and Brisbane and was struck by their small size and lovely plumage of black and white, with that striking yellow bill.

The other pieces I have entered are of a white rhino and a portrait of Salome and Komale, mother and son Western lowland gorillas, that are part of the family group at Bristol Zoo Gardens.

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