Sunday, June 10, 2007

Red-ruffed lemur pastel

His name is Charlie and he is one of the younger members of the group of red-ruffed lemurs at Bristol Zoo Gardens.

I started out very much in the same way as I have shown you, sketching out my shapes in a light brown colour so that the lines blended in with the colour value of the finished piece.
It was drawn onto Canson Mi-teintes 160g/m colour 448 Vert océan paper. I deliberately made the branch, he is sitting on, narrower to suit my composition.

The drawing was done as a raffle prize, at the ‘Grand Picnic’ event in Bristol Zoo Gardens, to help raise funds for the M.A.D. for Madagascar campaign being held at all European zoos this year.

Cruise - T minus 209 days and counting.....

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