Sunday, June 24, 2007

Meerkat drawing

This drawing was done for a friend who retired from work, at the zoo, earlier this year. His favourite animal was the meekats, so what else could I draw as his leaving card!

Just because they're so cute, I went for one of the young ones as my subject. In their first few weeks they have this lovely downy silky look to their entire coat, then as they get older the rougher fur and texture starts coming through. This one was somewhere in the middle of that change. Trying to get that change in fur texture from silky around the head and chest to rough and spikey on the back and body was something I found quite a challenge.

I used 2B, 4B and 7B pencils on an A4 sheet of Epson Matte heavyweight printer paper.


Anonymous said...

I love your meerkat drawing

meerkat are my faved aniaml

Daryl (smartmeerkat1990) said...

Very beautiful drawing of a meerkat pup, i love it.

Meerkats are so cute and handsome i hope to work with them very soon.

I am also glade that meerkats are my favourite animal in the whole wide world *meerkats hugs* and *Hugs The Meerkats*