Saturday, May 05, 2007

Work in exhibition - Obsidian Art

I received news in the last week that three paintings I had submitted to an exhibition have all been accepted. The British Countryside, Flora and Fauna Exhibition runs from 17th May until 10th June at Obsidian Art in Stoke Mandeville, Bucks.

These are the three that I am putting into the exhibition.

Jay - batik on cotton
Inspiration came from a jay that visited our garden in the Spring of 2006. It's unusual to see jays in our neighbourhood, so I took as many reference photo's as I could whilst he/she made short work of the peanuts in one of my bird feeders.

The Hedgerow - gouache

I came upon this hedgerow whilst on a walk through the fields alongside the River Severn in Gloucestershire one summer. I was drawn in by the varying contrasts of the scene. Brightly lit fields and grasses against a deeply shaded hedgerow; warm greens, browns and yellows against the bluey cold shadows.

Dawn over Netham - oil on board
From the back of our house you can see out over the local recreation space, this has inspired one or two paintings in recent years. This one is of a sunrise when the mist hung heavy over the ground in a deep blanket. When I looked out of the window I thought... I gotta paint that!

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