Sunday, May 13, 2007

Work delivered to Obsidian

Today I drove to Bucks to deliver Marion's (a great friend and fellow artist) and my work, ready for the exhibition; which starts on Thursday.
Of all the days to have to drive up! The first hour or so of the journey was in awful conditions, the rain was chucking it down and the amount of water on the motorway's surface.... well I'd have done better in a boat I think! All was reasonably fine until you had several cars in front and then half a miles' visibility was suddenly reduced to about 50 feet!!! Unbelievably there were too many drivers either going too fast or didn't have their lights on; or even worse both. The spray was like a whiteout effect hiding most cars completely despite being just a short distance in front.... in the circumstances I was glad I was making the journey on my own, as I really needed to concentrate...
I found the gallery quite easily and by that time at 4pm (2½ hour drive) it had stopped raining, in fact the drive after the first hour or so was okay, bit wet but at least I could see the cars in front of me!
Obsidian Art is a lovely little gallery tucked away on The Old Risborough Road along with a kid's mini goat farm and several other buisnesses. From the outside it looked incredibly small but the layout inside gives it a feeling of being in the TARDIS... just a shame David Tennant wasn't hanging around (for those overseas- I'm referring to a TV programme called Doctor Who). There was a lot of work already propped up against the walls on the floor, some fabulous pieces caught my eye as I wandered around after unpacking the work I had brought.
As I got the paperwork signed off I was delighted to be told that one of my pieces (The Hedgerow) was used on the exhibition invite/promo flyer along with a few others; that was a nice and unexpected surprise.
I 'bumped' into another fellow artist and her husband, who were there to drop off her work and after a quick chat with them both I got back in my car quickly... I had spied several lovely pieces of glass jewellery and some great ceramics that would make fabulous gifts... but alas..... this month has been quite expensive with a few vet bills and the car tax, so a quick getaway was needed before I succumbed to the temptation! Plus I wanted to make sure I got home in good light, just in case it rained again and was as bad as on the way up!
In comparison to the journey to Stoke Mandeville, the trip home was brilliant. The sun was out, the sky was blue, there was no road spray and I could see for miles! Got home in good time.
Fingers crossed now for the exhibition....

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