Monday, February 19, 2007

Time off work to work

From January to the beginning of April I now work at home. This is part of my ‘part-time package’ that I have with the zoo. For the rest of the year I work 3 days a week with them.
The idea is to give me more time to produce and promote my own work and to establish myself more as an artist.
Apart from painting in this time I also do occasional workshops, demos and talks. This January, for instance, I tutored a batik workshop for a school; 3 groups of children came to me for an hour each to produce a batik of a Chinese symbol for them to take home. In March I will be doing an all day workshop with an art group in Gloucestershire helping them to paint with gouache.
Then there’s all the officey stuff to do and the quest for new ventures and projects to pursue. This blog site is one of those new projects.
As for painting, I am currently working on two oil pieces with several more formulating themselves gradually in my mind. I have to think about what exhibitions I wish to submit to this year and try to produce work for them as well as creating a stock for myself and thinking about new stuff for the gallery.
I hope to keep you informed of these ventures and projects via this blogsite.

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