Sunday, June 19, 2011

WOW!Gorilla progress Day 8

My gorilla now has its proper name... and he is now a she, as her sparkly delicate leaf look is far too feminine for a fella. Her sponsors, Jelf Lampier, have called her "Distinctly Different (Dee Dee)" which I love.
So Dee Dee has been coming along over the last four days. It's been hard work and long hours to try and get her finished by this eve. Two 12 hour shifts has got me to a point where I am pretty sure I am on track to do this and shall be leaving shortly for another long day with her.

The cushions I brought in have been invaluable as I work ... saves me from the cold floor and getting a nasty neck ache!

I'm starting to dream of silver leaves!

She's starting to look almost there... today will be finishing off the leaves and adding various details and a few butterflies.

I had promised to volunteer on the Elephants For Africa stand at the Bristol Festival of Nature all day today; they have kindly let me off doing the whole day and now I shall be with them for a few hours this afternoon. I think I am to draw the raffle which today has one of my elephant prints "Waiting for the Stragglers" as a prize.

The weather is looking good at the moment, so hopefully it will hold for the day and lots of people will visit this wonderful annual event.

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Emily Trotter said...

Looks beautiful, can't wait to have a look in real life!