Saturday, August 07, 2010

Gloucester Arts and Crafts Summer School

This was my third year tutoring batik at this wonderful event and yet again it proved to be another great week of creativity, fun and food. I mention the food, as it the catering as always was superb with lovely meals and cakes throughout the week.

Jenny, Del and Hazel returned for another week’s worth of “punishment” with me (their third year each – are they mad?), it was so good to have them back in my class – not only from the social aspect, but their creativity is a delight to see. They came armed with ideas and knuckled down to produce some fantastic pieces. Having been on this week with me in two previous years they knew what they were doing and yet again amazed me with their productivity and creations.

Two new ladies joined us, Shirley and Gill, neither of whom seemed too sure of what they had signed up for; but they tackled the challenges full on and I was really pleased with how they progressed. Shirley had a plan to create some patterns for her patchwork quilting and she produced two large pieces that we all loved, but were dismayed that her plan was to cut them both up into smaller pieces! Gill came with a great attitude of no matter what happened she was going to give it a go and enjoy herself… I think she achieved that. And for someone who was sure she was not at all creative or could not draw… what she produced dispelled that theory for me. I think she surprised herself and it was good to hear her say that at the beginning of the week she never thought she’d produce what she had by the end of the week.

I could not decide which of their pieces to post, so I have gone with all of them.

Thank you to the ladies of my class for being such a fun bunch to spend a week with around hot wax pots and noisy hairdryers, for coming to my class and for being so generous.

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