Monday, August 20, 2007

SWLA exhibition

I have submitted two pieces for the SWLA (Society of Wildlife Artists) exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. These are my two chosen works.

To be honest, I'm not really expecting to get accepted as I think my work is far too representational for selection. However, it has been some years since my last couple of attempts and I was persuaded that 'nothing ventured- nothing gained' should be my approach on this. After such a good week at NIA for my residency week I felt I could afford the costs of entry and transportation to and from the Mall Galleries. Also I have been told that the recent exhibitions of the last few years have shown an increase in representational work.

'Tangle of Kelp' is my star piece at the moment so that was an obvious choice and the one I was persuaded to enter. I also thought I'd try one of my batiks and chose the 'Painted hunting dog' as it was my most 'painterly' piece.

Fingers crossed... and I'll keep you posted.

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