Sunday, July 29, 2007

Artist In Residence Week

Got a call from the Director at Nature In Art to say that the flood waters have receeded allowing road access to the Hall, so he's opening the museum/art gallery to visitors again from Tuesday.

My friend, Julie and I are booked to be the artists in residence (AIR) there this coming week and there was some doubt that we would actually be able to do our stint. Another friend of mine, Marion, unfortunately not only had her AIR week cancelled but the silk painting course she was tutoring today cancelled as well. A double blow for her.

There is still not water supply to the Hall, so with the aid of a few trusty buckets, they shall be using the wells they have on site for the flushing of loos. Also as it is still uncertain whether the beautiful farmhouse B&B I usually stay at during my AIR week, is accessible and whether they are able to accept and provide for guests. So I may very well be commuting back and forth for the first few days at least, if not the whole week.

Of course, it's possible that no-one will visit Nature In Art - having too much sorting out with flooded homes etc or just not knowing that it is once again open. This could mean J & I will be on our ownsomes, but on the bright side... we should get some work done, if we're not too busy chatting and catching up ourselves!!!

I love doing the AIR week... not only is Nature In Art a fantastic place in a beautiful tranquil setting, it's also fun meeting all the visitors, catching up with my friend (she has been living in Denmark for about 3 years now), and doing arty stuff in an arty place; enjoying the atmosphere, company and venue. It's almost like a sort of holiday in some respects. It certainly recharges my batteries as it is such an inspirational atmosphere to work in.

In previous years J& I have usually been very lucky with the weather.. I'm not holding out too much hope for this coming week.... surprise, surprise rain is forecast!

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