Monday, March 26, 2007

All at sea... well not quite yet.

Today my life took a new and exciting turn. I have just been taken on as a Guest Art Tutor for a cruise company!
In 2002 & 2003 I went on a big cruise liner for the first time as the assistant to my friend, who had been teaching on the ships for a short while at that time. As her assistant, I got to go free and sailed across a few oceans and seas and saw a lot of the world I never, ever dreamed I would, for a total of 8 weeks in each of the two years. Now, here I am... lined up to sail again on the high seas on a 5 week trip from Southampton to Hong Kong from January til February next year.
Whilst ever so slightly daunting a prospect, it is incredibly exciting and thrilling and I can't wait to hear the wind hum through the overhead cables and the sea wash down the sides of the ship as I stare out at mile upon mile of endless ocean.
Um... that's when I'm not working....
My job onboard will be to hold art sessions where passengers can come to draw and paint twice every 'sea day'; teaching those that are real beginners and guide those that already have done a fair bit of art. It's a fabulous job and it was always a great thrill and gave a great sense of achievement when passengers, who had hardly drawn much before, came along to the classes and surpassed themselves in what they put to paper over such a short amount of time. My friend, Julie, did a great job and I watched to learn from her and I hope I can do as well when my turn comes.
I have a long time to wait, but I'm sure it will fly by very quickly.... I shall be marking 'the days to go' on my calendar as of tomorrow. No..... I may as well start today!

T minus 285 days and counting.....

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Patrick said...

"T minus 285 days and counting" hahaha, classic. That's brilliant news Su. Well done. Shame it wasn't in September. You could have cruised down the Nile and we could have sketched each other going past lol. So instead, I'll probably be sketching smelly spitting camels.

All the best with your huge adventure (285 days away!!!!!!). You'll go out of your mind waiting!